He asked the general to recall his order.

The building has no fire exit.

The game exhausted me.

Dimetry shouldn't have eaten so much.

Devon says he told the police officer that he was just there to take some pictures.

He makes friends with everybody he meets.

I want to be involved.

You can sleep on that one.

We all earn our reputations.

Kari has found something.

Glenn handed Brodie his phone.

Getting the novel, he begin to read it.

She trusted a co-worker.

Why are you working for them?


I like the Kurdish language.

This used to be a very quiet neighborhood.

It would be a pity if you let this opportunity pass you by.

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I'll screw everything up.

That's a very good suggestion.

I'll find it myself.


Del pulled out his cell phone and made a call.

Wes needs to come back to Boston.

Why worry about it?

Steven stole the diamond.

Language is one of man's most important inventions.


In other words, you should doubt common sense.


My parents don't know where I am.

He is brave enough to go there by himself.

Oskar isn't a bit scared.

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Please don't stand on ceremony.

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I have 300,000 songs loaded onto my iPhone!

You'll see her.

The police found nothing to link Dan to the robbery.

That shouldn't have been allowed.

The dinner was very good.

Does Joubert really want to know?

What the mind can conceive, it can achieve.

Clifford'll speak.

It's been a long time since he broke-up.

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I think Boston is one of the most expensive places in the world to live.


She is very negligent in her dress.

The teacher told me study harder.

I'd never do that for her.


The weather had been hot.


If I was going to the African continent where would be the safest and most sanitary place?

His story is well worth listening to.

Be so kind, then, as to give me this gift.

He is sound in both mind and body.

What job did they offer you?

I am at home every evening.

I'm going to a party Friday evening.


The leisure industry is sinking more money into new resorts.

There's nothing we can't accomplish.

Why is it out of the question?


It isn't optional.

You were drying clothes

It's a difficult text to understand.

I think you might want to check this out.

Thousands of people from all over the world apply to become NASA astronauts.

Matti is the cutest boy in the class.

During the Great Game, Afghanistan was a buffer state.


I think that it is really sad that someone could do that for money.

She set out on a trip last week.

Do I have your word on that, Ron?

The meeting went well.

Let's ask Sanity.

We'll be ready.

Jos will never know it was you who told me.

We all know that blue-eyed red-heads are sensitive to sunshine, burning more readily than darkskinned people.

It's usually easy for Norwegians to understand what Swedes are saying.

He was an artist who earned a living by painting royal portraits.

To tell you the truth, I don't love him.


Forty-four Americans have now taken the presidential oath. The words have been spoken during rising tides of prosperity and the still waters of peace. Yet, every so often, the oath is taken amidst gathering clouds and raging storms. At these moments, America has carried on not simply because of the skill or vision of those in high office, but because We the People have remained faithful to the ideals of our forebearers, and true to our founding documents.


Excuse me, could you say that again more slowly?

Nobody heard the bell ring.

What a pretty flower.

I went into the library; where I happened to meet Ann.

That means that even if they only have two children each, the population will continue to grow rapidly.

Your suitcase is too heavy.

Spock doesn't seem so well.

You didn't tell anybody I was here, did you?

This cheese is made from cow's milk.

I waited for my husband till after midnight.

You haven't been returning my calls, Sundaresan.


He likes to get on the horse and go out.

Vernon gave Ravi his telephone number.

You've had a great idea.

I sure hope Floria likes this song.

What're you all dressed up for?

He who is afraid of asking is ashamed of learning.

This road is so broad that buses can pass easily.

She did not go there.

I can't lift a suitcase heavier than 30 kilos.

Can I tell Jochen?

The sample is not pure enough.


I have time tomorrow morning.


We need to inform the president.

I didn't anticipate that question.

This store has lots of great gifts.

What makes you think Hurf won't be here today?

I don't want her at my party.

Night always follows day.

I can't decide which to choose.


Have you finished the papers?

Joe is physically stronger than Shane.

I'm not so sure.

Does it suit you?

Hilda was extremely grateful.


Vidhyanath isn't going to protect me.


I don't know if I have enough money.

Who built this?

She says that she can see through walls.

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Air as well as sunlight is, needless to say, indispensable to our daily life.


No one threatened him.

Since the sun had set, we all headed home.

My parents began worrying.

He likes singing traditional songs.

Some people enjoy solitude.

Can you describe it to me?

Pim sorrowfully buried her mother.

Even specialists do not understand this incredible accident.

I don't know why we came here.

My frightening tale is based on facts.

I have a wife and three children.

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Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My parents told me that I was adopted when I was thirteen.

Show me another bag.


When did you get to know the fact?

How many sentences can I add in 16 minutes, I wonder... Let's try and see!

I spent last year in Boston.

She struck me as a tactful girl.

Giles didn't need much help.


Except when nesting, swifts spend their lives in the air, living on the insects caught in flight; they drink, feed, mate and sleep on the wing.

The ice melted.

I can't believe this is all happening.

I didn't ask you that either.

There's a raccoon in my bedroom!

There was damage to the pipe.

Arlene kissed Elliott romantically.

You might not find it.

The Japanese do not always make a bow as a mark of respect.


We have other places we need to go.

He knows whatever.

You can get a fine view of the sea from the mountaintop.

I have one of my friends who graduated from university and became a fine public servant. Once he told me that what he had learned from school had been useless. However, what little philosophy he had learned proved to be of great benefit.

Sundar didn't want to see Nora again.


I could tell at a glance that she was in trouble.

Rudy is already there.

Ning was very puzzled.

I hope this stormy weather won't go on.

The sky will soon clear up.


Shankar didn't know that Allen was asleep.


Trees put forth young shoots all at once.

Are you ten years old?

I showed genius in painting.


Antonella, can I speak to you alone, please?


Irfan removed the lid from the box.

My schedule's really full right now.

Sekar didn't say very much.

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The prefectural police chief tried to tighten his police officers' discipline.

We cannot do without water.

Old age is merciless.

Spencer decided to sell his house.

Don't cry.


That is my little sister's camera.